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Akorede Amole

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Akorede Amole is a US based director of photography. He was born and raised in Lagos state, Nigeria, obtained his bachelor’s degree in Theatre arts and film studies, Redeemer’s University, Nigeria. He specialized in cinematography and music theatre. After developing an interest in filming, he moved to the United States to attend the New York Film Academy to study filmmaking. He currently shoots projects ranging from music videos, documentaries, Live events, TV series, commercials, and has experience with a wide variety of film formats. His work is characterized by his composition, utilization of shading/color, camera movement, and adaptability to light and shoot all types of film project.

In 2011, Akorede began his carrier in filmmaking as an editor in a multimedia company, Rayevolution media based in Nigeria. He was there as a full-time video editor and cinematographer, he edited and filmed
over 70 video contents before becoming a freelancer. He has also cinematographed about 28 short films within his 4 years of obtaining his bachelor’s degree.

He has over 9 years of experience creating fabulous films with his own style, he has operated as cinematographer/DP, video editor, DIT and Assistant Camera man. Two of his more prominent projects were 2 union projects.’ He also cinematographed two major documentaries directed by Diji Aderogba, in West Africa, and has been nominated at
the biggest awards in Africa (AMVCA) as best documentary this year

Akorede has worked with experienced directors and producers on productions in Los Angeles, and on locations across the United States transforming director's scripts, treatments or concepts into visual expression.

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